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All There Is To Know About Training, Diet, and Supplementation

Most people do not realize that there is a big difference between the effects of exercise and dieting on both sexes. Some of these differences are biological while others are behavioral and tend to give men the upper hand when it comes down to weight loss. However, this does not mean that losing weight is easier for the male species. Men still have to exert the same amount of effort as women do, with respect to their body goals.

Losing weight requires effort and persistence. However, some experts have unearthed a number of issues regarding weight loss and gender. The path to managing your weight can be grueling and laden with many frustrating diets along the way, but it does not have to be this way. It can be a beautiful and transformative process if you just follow the dieting and healthy workout tips below. This insightful read will help women understand their fitness journey and make it easier and more effective.

A. The Theme of Training

When it comes to training, most people apply a holistic approach. The holistic approach involves using exercise plans holistically regardless of the surrounding factors such as weight goals, gender, and even the health history, among others. People need to realize that training requires guidance and planning in order to meet the estimated goals, especially with respect to gender. Men and women have different fitness needs, thus they both require different exercises to meet the same needs. The following is a short guide that will help you understand why a woman’s training process needs to be different and why.

1. Exercise

This relates to muscle development and metabolism. The muscle composition in men is more formed in comparison to that of women. The process of burning calories gives males an upper hand, in that their muscles aid them in burning more fat in comparison to women. In addition to this, men have a high metabolism rate in comparison to women. Some studies show that their metabolism rate is between three and ten percent higher than that of women (3-10%).

Consequently, in gyms, women tend to lift lightweight in comparison to men for fear of developing bulky physiques. On the other hand, men keep developing their muscles and their metabolism. This behavior puts women in a disadvantaged position as men get faster results from their efforts. Most women focus on cardio and lightweights making them lose weight at a slow rate in comparison to their counterparts.

2. Food and Nutrition

Some studies show that women tend to consume high-calorie foods in comparison to men. High-calorie foodstuffs include pies, cinnamon buns, cakes, sweets, chocolate, pizza, and sodas, among others. There is higher activity in the areas of the brain that control and manage the drive to eat, in women.

Other studies show that after strenuous workouts and activities women tend to have an increase in the ghrelin hormone and a decrease in the leptin hormone.


  • The Leptin hormone controls the intake of food by notifying the brain that the body has had enough.
  • On the other hand, the ghrelin hormone notifies the brain that the person is hungry or craving a particular food.


Men are lucky enough not to experience these hormonal changes after strenuous activities and workouts, which put women at more risk of gaining weight due to post-workout eating.

Women tend to eat more as a way of maintaining their fertility. Calories play a big role in maintaining some hormonal processes in the female body such as ovulation.

3. Change in environment

When women are in relationships, they tend to gain weight. This is because the woman’s body is trying to mirror that of her partner, especially with respect to food consumption. This leads to weight gain as the woman’s body cannot handle as much food as the male body can. In addition to this, women tend to consume more food when they experience some emotional changes. This is not the case for men.

Ten Effective Workout tips for women


1. Snack smart

Also known as grazing, it is highly recommended in satisfying cravings in the course of the day- with healthy options of course so that you do not end up binging on junk foods later. Opt for snacks that are packed with protein and are filling. Examples could be fruit, nuts or edamame. Include fruit into your menu twice a day as it is mostly water, has lots of healthy fiber and good carbohydrates and has no fat meaning it will fill you up accordingly.

2. Avoid eating in front of the TV

Studies indicate that eating your dinner in front of the TV can make you take in up to 40 percent more calories than you would, normally. The same also goes for any other distracting activity such as driving or texting. Instead, try to ensure every meal is served on a plate and sit down to do eat even if you are on your own.

3. Train at least three times a week

Fitness and weight loss go hand in hand and if you are looking to experience both, training is essential. Start small and build up your routine gradually. Do squats, lunges and push-ups to build muscle and maintain it. Having more muscle boosts your metabolism so that you can burn calories even as you proceed with your day. If you find it difficult to do so by yourself or lack the motivation, hire a personal trainer to help you keep track of your fitness goals and go about your training properly.

4. Eat a sizeable but balanced breakfast

This includes protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to steady your blood sugar and keep hunger pangs at bay so you do not binge eat at lunch. Try whole-wheat toast with turkey bacon and top it off with egg whites.

5. Sleep for longer

Try getting to bed 30 minutes earlier and waking up in the morning 30 minutes later than you typically would. This will help you make better meal choices according to researchers. When you are well rested, you will be less susceptible to snacking because of stress or fatigue.

6. Watch the alcohol

Those delicious cocktails we know and love are packed with calories, which do nothing to satisfy your appetite or thirst. Treat yourself on special occasions or weekends and opt for vodka and soda, light beer or a glass of wine all of which have roughly 100 calories in every serving.

7. Weight training

As we age, the mass of our muscles reduces by about fifty percent (50%). This puts us at high risk of packing on pounds after each meal since their metabolism rate reduces. This means that it is necessary for everyone to subscribe to a fitness routine that includes weight training. Most women are not accustomed to it since they associate it with masculinity. This is a misconception. Weight training is beneficial to women who want to tone their body or shed some weight. Even on the days that you cannot access the gym facilities, it is essential that you engage in weight training to help you increase the mass of your muscle to increase your rate of metabolism.

8. Hormonal imbalance

It is essential that you go for frequent hormonal checks from a medic. Hormonal changes can cause the body to store fat. The adrenal and thyroid glands have difficulties with regulating their production of hormones; this could be due to a number of reasons such as ageing and even high-stress levels. Constant checks will make sure that you receive treatment that will regulate the production of hormones in the body and aid in weight loss. Hormones are responsible for the reduction in glucose levels, which result in weight loss especially for belly fat.

9. Applying stress to the joints

Due to prolonged inactivity, joints tend to become stiffer and soar. Therefore, take this into consideration as you workout. It is necessary that you engage in activities that are easy on the joints, for example, training in a pool. Water activities help to increase motion range. Excess stress on the joints leads to fatigue, lack of motivation, aches, and pains, which reduce the chances of losing weight significantly. In addition to this, water resistance helps in building up more muscle and reducing the calorie content in the body. Other activities that you could try apart from those done in the pool are yoga, cycling, dancing, and even kayaking, among others.

10. Motivation and effort

You could subscribe to a group class or a dance class. This will help you sustain your motivation. It will give you a sense of support that will prevent you from quitting. In addition to this, working out as a group could help you find an accountability partner who will help you achieve the best.

The Theme of Dieting

Are you a female weight trainer? How is your diet regimen? Is it similar to that of your male counterparts? If it is, then you have subscribed to the wrong diet. By the virtue of you being a female, you have different nutrition needs from that of the male species. This means that if you aim to weight train then your body has different needs in comparison to that of the males. A female specific diet will improve your health, energy levels, the rate of fat loss, and your overall results as you weight train.

The female body needs a female-specific diet because of the natural physical difference that it has from the males. The differences include:

  • Muscle mass
  • Sensitivity to insulin
  • Rate of burning fat
  • Hormones and their levels
  • Structure of the body
  • Metabolism rate
  • Physiological differences

Studies show that women need more fat in their diet especially when they are exercising. Most women end up reducing their fat intake for purpose of losing or maintaining weight. This has adverse effects on the general health of a woman, as you will see below. This read will concentrate on the need and importance of increasing your fat intake as a woman. This is because most women tend to exclude for purposes of weight loss and weight maintenance.

Benefits of a Higher Fat Diet for Female Weight Trainers

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When men exercise, they have a lower rate of burning fat in comparison to women since their body uses more carbohydrates. This means that women burn fatter in comparison to men when exercising. The reasons behind this high rate of fat oxidation are:

  • Higher body fat percentage, meaning that they have more fat to burn in comparison to men. The fat acts as a fuel to aid in performing daily tasks and exercises.
  • They have more intracellular fat in comparison to men. Intracellular fat is the fat present in the muscle cells of the body.
  • They are more sensitive to the epinephrine hormone effects.
  • They have higher estrogen levels, while men have higher testosterone levels.

This sheds light on the fact that the female body is engineered to withstand long periods without carbohydrate intake, and is better at maintaining their fat levels than men are. Thus, a higher fat diet proves to be more beneficial to the female species, and the reduction in carbohydrate intake reduces the calorie level present in the body.

Weight training for women does not necessarily mean that their physique will resemble that of the male. It just means that the woman will have more body composition, strength, and will keep burning calories even when they are not working out. The following are benefits of having a female-engineered diet.

1. Increases the quality of performance when exercising or going about normal tasks

A good diet for a woman should have a fat amount of between twenty to thirty percent. This fat amount gives the woman’s body enough energy to perform during exercising and other daily tasks. Studies show that women who subscribe to this diet have a higher calorie-burning rate and have a leaner physique in comparison to those who do not. They are more likely to complete their bench presses because of the increased body strength and energy.

2. Satiety and controlled cravings and hunger rate

Are you a female seeking to lose weight through a fitness regimen significantly? If you are, then the secret is incorporating more fat into your diet. Most beginners find it extremely tough to maintain their diet and often end up relapsing. A diet rich in fat provides the consumer with a satiating feeling that reduces the chances of succumbing to cravings and high-calorie snacks. This provides the average woman with a chance to maintain their body weight as they engage in weight training.

3. Improvement in the body’s sensitivity to insulin

Insulin helps in the regulation of fat levels in the body. Thus, when the body is sensitive to insulin then it will maintain its rate of fat loss and general health. Most women have high insulin levels in the body because of the increased amount of fat in the body in comparison to men. Thus, the increased consumption of fat will not affect any of the general body processes.
In addition to this, insulin helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates. This means that increasing the intake of fat will help you manage the carbohydrate levels in your boy. Thus, the female body is well engineered to handle a substantially high intake of both fat and carbohydrates. This means that women do not necessarily have to single out carbohydrates from their diets. Mixing fats and carbohydrates boosts the energy and endurance level of the body. This will help the female to sustain the strenuous weight training exercises for a longer period. This mixture is called “carb cycling”. Currently, more women are learning and beginning to appreciate it in their fitness regimens.

From the aforementioned details, you can gauge your diet and tweak it to incorporate higher amounts of both carbohydrate and fat. This does not mean that all women should subscribe to a similar diet. It is advisable that you seek the help of your dietician to help you customize your diet with respect to the following factors:

  1. Weight
  2. Lean body mass
  3. Body size

These three factors will help you predict your resting metabolic rate. The resting metabolic rate will affect how you choose to balance the nutrients in your diet. Therefore, you are at a disadvantage if you simply “googled” for a diet on the internet or are sharing the same diet with your spouse or other male friends. The female body has very different needs from the male one. The female diet should address the following needs:

  • Women have less glycogen storage space in their body. This means that even though the insulin resistance helps them manage their carbohydrate levels, they still need to decrease their intake.
  • The protein dosage per mal should be minimal. It should be sufficient to boost the Muscle Protein Synthesis of the body.
  • Women require less calorie intake. This is evident from their significantly low resting metabolic rate, which has been proved by studies to be between twenty and forty percent less in comparison to men.


The Theme of Supplementation

Supplements can provide some extra assistance with respect to maintaining lean mass and burning fat. They should be used in line with a good diet and training. Supplements should not be used as substitutes for a good diet. They should supplement the already existing healthy diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to consult your doctor or dietician. Self-prescribing supplements could become dangerous if a person ingests too much. The following are some of the supplements that are more beneficial to the female body.

  • Whey Protein – This supplement is primarily characterized by its ability to digest faster once it enters the body. This is beneficial to the boy since some proteins tend to digest slower during some periods in the day. Other than this, it aids in boosting blood flow to muscles during workouts. This means that the muscles receive an ample amount of nutrients, oxygen, and hormones.
  • N.O. Boosters – It boosts the nitric oxide levels in the blood. This is most beneficial to people who have thick blood vessels that inhibit enough blood flow. The supplement helps to increase the diameter of the vessels. This allows the vessels to carry enough blood to various boy parts. It helps boost your energy levels during workouts. It is beneficial for weight trainers and women who aim at losing weight.
  • Caffeine – This popular stimulant not only boosts focus, it has been proved to help with respect to boosting muscle strength, aiding fat loss and intensity. Research shows that caffeine works better when ingested alongside green tea extract. It boosts muscle strength by increasing the amount of fat released by the body’s fat cells. The green tea extract increases metabolism, which plays a big part in helping the body burn fat. This means that you can increase your training experience with this combination.
  • Fish oil – It contains two major omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids include docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Generally, fish oil improves health. Nevertheless, it also boosts fat burning by stimulating the genes that support this process. You can never go wrong with incorporating this supplement into your fitness regimen.
  • Casein Protein – Both casein and whey proteins come from the same source. However, they are very different. This protein digests slower. This means that it can be sued to nourish the body with amino acids over a span of time. It is extremely beneficial for women who have busy schedules a might miss a meal or two during the day. It aids in muscle build up, especially if ingested at night just before you sleep.

This guide has highlighted some of the tips and products that you should use to nourish your body as a woman. Hopefully, more women will use and stop holistically approaching a healthy lifestyle through applying tips that are specifically satisfying the male body.


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