Aarron Lambo

Who is Aarron Lambo?

Aarron Lambo is a bodybuilder from the United Kingdom with a passion for lifting weights and being fit. He has steadily been rising in the fitness industry ever since he got into the gym at the age of 15.

Over his lifting career, Aarron has been building up his success with hard work ethic and dedication. He has won several amateur bodybuilding shows, has opened his gym (the Alpha Training Gym in Northamptonshire) and fitness business. He’s steadily becoming a bodybuilding icon in the United Kingdom.

As an entrepreneur, Aarron is impressive, but as a bodybuilder, he’s even better. His stats are:

At 5’5” (165 cm) his weight is 205 to 215 pounds (88.5 to 93 kg). Quite impressive if you ask me, especially considering his low body fat percentage.

Aarron Lambo

Arron Lambo’s Story

Aarron Lambo was born and raised in East Midlands of England. He became interested in bodybuilding at a very early age, and by the age of 15, he had started his journey. He also found inspiration in bodybuilders that he saw in fitness magazines. He’s said:

“My brother in law gave me a load of 1990’s fitness magazines, but I kept them for years going through them over and over, looking at pictures of what I thought was the freakiest physiques in the world.”

From that, his passion for the sport was born, and he knew that he wanted to step on stage one day. Just a year later, at the age of 16, he started competing in bodybuilding shows in Northamptonshire and winning different categories for teens.

Soon after, his entrepreneurial side began to surface, and at the age of 17, he wanted to open up his gym. A goal that he couldn’t accomplish at that point due to lack of funding. However, he kept pushing.

In 2008, after having made some connections in the UK, he finally opened his gym.

The gym worked out, and within five years of hard work, he opened his training center. He’s publicly stated that it was a long and challenging process, but well worth it.

Within just three short years, he opened his fitness promotion business and made social media accounts. Aarron’s initial goal was to bring top fitness influencers from the industry to the fans by organizing different activities such as training sessions, photo shoots, and regular meet and greets.

Since gaining his deserved success, Aarron has toured the UK and Europe to promote his business and organize different events. Some big names from the bodybuilding sphere have been featured: Phil Heath, Lee Priest, and Terry Hollands.

Lambo’s Training Style

Aarron’s training style is in no way unconventional. He relies on heavy compound exercises such as the barbell bench press, barbell squat, deadlift, barbell row, rack pulls, close-grip bench press, and barbell bicep curl to build muscle mass and strength.

He’s stated that he uses isolation exercises as finishers to put the final touches on his physique.

In regards to his repetition ranges, he varies them over time. He trains with low, medium, and high reps alike and sees all of them as beneficial.

Lambo’s Nutrition

It’s no secret that Aarron is a big guy. And, as such, he needs to consume massive amounts of food just to maintain his muscle mass. To get that much food, he eats every two to three hours. He puts a heavy emphasis on healthy fats in his morning and evening meals with foods such as fatty fish, coconut oils, eggs, avocados, nuts, and meats.

During the day, he puts a lot of emphasis on carbs, the fuel for the body, and eat a lot of fast-digesting carbs after his heavy workouts.

As far as supplementation goes, Aarron is a minimalist and only takes what is proven to work: protein powder, pre-workout, BCAAs, and fat-burners.

Elite Whey Protein – 21g Whey Protein with 3g Creatine & 2.4g Glutamine

Gold Standard Whey Protein – 24g of High quality Whey Protein Concentrate

Amino Charge BCAA – 2:1:1 ratio of L-leucine (6.45g), L-isoleucine (750mg), and L-valine (750mg) with Glutmaine (3.9g) and Taurine (750mg).

Bottom Line

Aarron’s story is inspirational for both aspiring bodybuilders and entrepreneurs. He’s achieved everything with a hard work ethic and discipline. Unlike what some might believe, he was not born into money and never had anything given to him.

It took him many years to open up his gym, a process that was difficult to put it lightly. But thanks to his perseverance and upbeat attitude, he’s accomplished a lot and is well on his way to becoming a bodybuilding icon in the United Kingdom.

If there is one thing we can learn from Aarron is never to give up, no matter how difficult or grim the road ahead looks. He kept pushing and by taking consistent, small steps toward his goals, he’s achieved a lot.

Aarron’s Message

“The day you start looking after number 1 is the day you start doing well and achieving goals. It’s a fact, it’s a selfish world we live in. We need to adapt to survive, stronger than the rest.

Of course, some of us have dependents, however, they rely on us being strong physically and mentally.” – Aarron Lambo

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