Squatting is one of the best form of exercises that one may easily be able to do in order to help them build their form and just have a leaner body. This specific form of exercise has been names to be the king of all exercises as it is able to engage most muscles in the body and improve on one’s core strength which is very key for a healthy form. One would be considered to be selling themselves a little short if they are not squatting as it helps in size gaining, strength and muscle building and overall performance of an individual.

Most people tend to ditch squatting since they find squats to be tough, and they are lazy lifters, their body types don’t make squats easy to perfect and the rest of their workouts end up killing their energy levels. One needs to understand that it takes will power and being open to interrogating one’s body and workout for them to be able to go through this. Listed below are a must do exercises in order to help one in improving their squat

1. Rear Leg Elevated Split Squat

This form of exercise is the top go-to assistance exercises to a lower body workout. This is a combination of a single leg strength with knee stability and a good stretch for the hip flexors. If one’s knees are able to handle the load, then this is a smart movie that one may want to incorporate into their workout program. It is normally performed using dumbbells, whereby the load is placed close to the posterior chain that is able to then allow for a slightly more direct hit for the glutes. One needs to them in reps in order to enjoy the various health benefits to the lower back over time.

2. Spiderman Walks

One may be surprised to see a mobility drill also added to the group of exercises but it does improve on one’s attempt to improve on their squatting. By improvement this means that one will be better at patterning, better overall rep quality and improved range of motion. In addition, one will also have an improvement in their level of strength which is an added advantage.

Nevertheless, the Spiderman walk is very important as it also is able to help with hip mobility and groin flexibility, and adding an overhead reach component improve the health of many squatters i.e. the thoracic spine.

3. Banded Goblet Squats

This is what may be considered as a universal squat fixer upper exercise. This is an easy and safe variation that is simple to do be it that one is a beginner at squats, bad at performing them or even a captive of incompatible anthropometry.

One may easily hold a kettle bell or a dumbbell at their chest level in order to help with fixing things since by lifting they may be able to have a counterbalance that will enable them sit against the load, and the load may easily be moved around to the right position unlike in the barbell front squat.