5 Strategies For Dealing With Stress For Better Fat Loss

Did you know that a stressful lifestyle can lead to weight gain and undesirable body shape? Interestingly, not many people know this. It is quite evident that when one attempts to keenly follow a weight loss program without success, there is lack of motivation. This lack of motivation often leads to stress. If you really wish to look skinny and healthy, you need to stay motivated in the course of your fat-loss plan.

Starting and maintaining a fat-loss program is not a very simple exercise while without motivation. You need to keep moving and stay dedicated to the program until you achieve the required results. It calls for patience and good faith. Believe in yourself and start seeing yourself in that body shape and size you’ve always admired.

If you can only avoid stress, maintaining a healthy weight-loss plan assures you of results you’ll forever remain proud of.


What Are The Common Causes Of Stress?

Almost every person is going through a stressful circumstances every day. For instance, it could be a tight job schedule and failure to meet deadlines, an unhealthy relationship, marital issues, unpaid bills, medical complications, upcoming examinations, insecurity or literally any issue that is disturbing ones mental tranquility.


What Are The Effects Of Stress To Your Body?

This is a very common question. Scientific research shows that when one is stressed, the body feels threatened and enters a ‘fight or flight’ mode. As a result, a hormone called cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands. This is a stress response mechanism.

Immediately you become psychologically or mentally stressed, a message is automatically sent by your brains causing the hypothalamus through the blood signaling the adrenal glands to produce cortisol.

As much as cortisol is considered as a beneficial hormone since it helps our body overcome everyday threats, overproduction of the same caused by a stressful lifestyle causes some undesirable effects to our bodies.

As a result, when our bodies are exposed to frequent fight or flight mode, there is fat mobilization. Excess fat produced is redeposited in the fat tissue around the stomach.
What Follows?

It is quite demotivating failing to achieve your fat-loss goals after adhering to a healthy eating habit, doing regular workouts and having sufficient sleep and rest. The feeling of having an unhealthy body and not being in the body size and shape you’ve always admired is stressing. This stress leads to fat building up in the body. This cycle keeps repeating itself over and over again. This can lead to other health threatening conditions in future. So, managing stress will do you more good.


What’s The Secret?

In the world today, it is impossible to avoid stress in our daily lives. The best thing we can do is learn how to manage stress. This is the key towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Stress management

Now that you have learnt that life’s challenges is part of our everyday life and growth, we have to learn how to manage stress. This is very important and a lot of emphasis should be placed on stress management.

The current economical and lifestyle global changes poses a threat to almost everyone and indeed many people are living very stressful lifestyles. If you allow stress to overwhelm you, life becomes of less meaning to you. That’s why we find many people claiming their own lives or they end up into mental cases.

To avoid suffering from lifestyle diseases and being obese, learn to accept things as they come and stay sober to manage your own life. If you are already struggling with unwanted fats in your body and your body is not in the right shape as you so desire, keep off stress.

Now you are able to be at peace with yourself and it becomes easy for you to set realistic goals and plan how you want your life to be. Be patient and take gradual steps towards achieving a healthy leaner body.

It’s disturbing you? Let it go!

One of the best thing one can ever do is to learn to let go of things that are out of our control. If you are faced with a challenge that there’s nothing you can do about it, teach yourself to allow it to just go without giving it any energy. Just let it go! Wait for another opportunity and you’ll make it in the right time.

Self-love: be proud of who you are today

Another important point is to accept yourself and appreciate yourself just the way you are. Avoid comparing yourself with other people. Walk at your own pace and live your life. With this in mind, you will be at peace with yourself and other people as well and therefore reduce stress in life.

Yes its true you might be looking so huge and in bad shape today, don’t hate yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Always believe in yourself and start seeing yourself in your dream size and shape and one day, sooner than you expect, you’ll find yourself there.

Here, a self-talk works magic. Tell yourself every morning that you look great, you are healthy, your body figure looks perfect, and you are admirable and so on.
With such a healthy culture, you will find yourself there! In that perfect shape and figure. There is power in your confession.

Look yourself in the mirror every day and just admire yourself right the way you are. As you confess positive things in your life, you start a quick journey towards the realization of what you say of yourself.

Discipline matters: you must set your goals

Setting your goals is a powerful mechanism towards achieving your desired weight, shape and size. Develop a healthy eating lifestyle. Avoid junk and processed food for a healthy body. This does not mean you cannot grab your favorite brownies once in a while! It won’t do you any harm.

A well balanced diet is key towards a healthy body. Just eat less. This does not mean starving in hunger. No. you don’t need to make yourself suffer going without meals with the aim of shedding those unwanted fats in your body.

Even if you like snacking like nothing else, you can train yourself to start eating healthy food. Women mostly suffer from this since majority go for sugary and tasty foods which in most cases are not healthy recipes.

The Key Here Is, Give Yourself Time

Don’t get stressed now that you’ve skipped your healthy diet for a day or two and you’re fearing that your weight will shoot again. Relax and go back to your healthy eating plan.
Be patient with yourself. Give your body time to adjust to the new diet and daily workouts. With time, you’ll get used and things will be easy for you.

Regular exercise and workout is good. Partner with a weight-loss professional. Share with him your health and fitness goals and get reliable guidelines on proper exercise and workout that best suits you to help you shed off excess fats in your body.

Circle yourself with people who believe in you

Don’t hang around with negative people. Those that always see faults in you and they never complement you for your achievements.

If your fitness coach does not believe in you that you can achieve your desired size and shape, think about it again. You need to get a trainer and a team of people who will challenge you and help you get out of your comfort zone. A coach that helps you go beyond your limit during workouts can really help you burn the excess fat in your body.
Enjoy sufficient rest and sleep.

4 Stress reducing strategies to help you lose more weight

If you really want to get your weight under your control, here are some proven stress reducing strategies for you. It has been scientifically proven that stress causes the body to accumulate more fat. The effects of stress also make the body experiences low fat metabolism.

Resolving stress situations is the key towards living a balanced life. Seek to find out what’s stealing your joy and inner peace.

Make it a habit to walking away from any stressing situation. Any time you feel overwhelmed by a situation, take a 20 minutes’ walk away and you get a bit relieved.

Keep a smile on your face and laugh often. This works magic. Your facial muscles get relieved and you will definitely feel better.

The power of sharing your concerns is immeasurable. Speak out and share your feelings with another person as this helps ease the burden and you become less stressed. This is a very healthy way of getting rid of stress related diseases like high blood pressure. The moment you speak out, you open a channel for healing. Again, it is good you identify the right people who can listen to you and help you through whatever issue you are struggling with. This could be a counsellor or family member you can confide with.

Once you adhere to the above proven strategies for dealing with stress for better fat loss, your life will never remain the same again. You will be able to overcome any stressing situation that comes along your way.

Now get back your youthful healthy body

In addition to this, you will manage to maintain your youthful, healthy body than ever before. By this, you achieve a balanced life enhancing your productivity in every aspect of your life. You now start enjoying good relationships since your self-esteem is now higher than it was before. This increases your self-worth and life becomes enjoyable.